Learn About Bitcoin, Blockchain, DeFi and Cryptocurrencies

Course Complete Introduction to Bitcoin

In this course that I have developed in partnership with Sheinix Academy, you will learn the fundamentals behind Bitcoin, why it is important and how this technology is changing the world.

At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to invest, use and save in bitcoin in an easy and safe way.

Fundamentos de Bitcoin y Blockchain

If you want to start learning about Bitcoin and blockchain today, this is the ideal course for you.

Fundamentos de Bitcoin y Blockchain is a FREE course of 13 short videos where I explain the main things that you should know about this technology.

Fundamentos de la Tecnología Blockchain

With Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and edX, we have prepared a 40-hour course to learn about Bitcoin, blockchain, DeFi, and cryptocurrencies.

The course already has over 17,000 registered students and it is a reference for several people in the industry.

Register in our course Fundamentos de la Tecnología Blockchain for FREE and start learning about this revolutionary technology.

Personalized Courses and Classes

Since I decided to dedicate my career to learning and teaching about Bitcoin, blockchain, DeFi, and cryptocurrencies in 2017, I have had the honor to work with multiple universities and companies in Europe and Latin America.

Thanks to this, I am positioned as one of the people with the most experience in preparing and delivering educational sessions about bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Get in touch if you want personalized training that can range from an introductory session to answer specific questions, to a full 20-hour course with high levels of interaction and practical exercises in real-time.

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