Who is Juan en Cripto?

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My Experience in the Cryptocurrency Industry

In 2017 I realized that there were few reliable resources to learn about Bitcoin and blockchain in Spanish. That is why I decided to start an educational YouTube channel to share my knowledge, experience, opinions, and news about Bitcoin, blockchain, DeFi and cryptocurrencies in Spanish.

Since 2017, I have worked with several organizations in the industry, such as the Government Blockchain Association, Swissborg AG, Rockchain Ltd (sponsor of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange), and Bit2me.

I am currently sharing educational content about Bitcoin on my YouTube channel Juan en Cripto, cohosting the podcast Tune into the Block, directing the documentary Revolución Bitcoin, and offering training and consultancy services through Alfa Bitcoin.

I am the author of the course Fundamentos de la Tecnología Blockchain produced with Universidad Javeriana and edX, which has over 20,000 registered students.

From Traditional Finance to Decentralized Finance

I am an Industrial Engineer from Universidad de los Andes with an MBA from London Business School. I worked in investment banking and the capital markets for over six years at Credicorp Capital.

My interest in Bitcoin started in 2017 when I read the book "Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money?". Since that moment, I decided to study and focus my career on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.

GBA Professional Member - Juan en Cripto

My Motivation

I am passionate about the transformational power of Bitcoin, public blockchains, DeFi and decentralized systems. I am convinced of the potential of this technology to change the world.

I see a future where public blockchains will be present in our day-to-day lives and I am convinced that education plays an important role in this change of paradigm.

I don't think that everyone should know in detail the cryptography behind Bitcoin or the rules of the different consensus algorithms. However, I am convinced that people who have a general understanding of this technology will be able to adapt easier to the future and will have a competitive advantage.

For this reason, I am dedicated to educating, training and consulting people and organizations interested in learning about the exciting world of Bitcoin, public blockchains, DeFi and cryptocurrencies.

Next Steps...

If you want to know more and start learning about Bitcoin, Blockchain, DeFi and cryptocurrencies, contact me here.