Who is Juan en Cripto?

Foto Juan en Cripto

From Traditional Finance to Decentralized Finance

I am an Industrial Engineer from Universidad de los Andes with an MBA from London Business School. I worked in investment banking and the capital markets for over six years at Credicorp Capital.

My interest in Bitcoin started in 2017 when I read the book "Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money?". Since that moment, I decided to study and focus my career on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.

GBA Professional Member - Juan en Cripto

My Experience in the Cryptocurrency Industry

In 2017 I realized that there were few reliable resources to learn about Bitcoin and blockchain in Spanish. That is why I decided to start a YouTube channel to share my knowledge, experience, opinions, and news about Bitcoin, blockchain, DeFi and cryptocurrencies in Spanish.

I have taught about Bitcoin and decentralized finance in multiple companies and universities. I am the author of the course Fundamentos de la Tecnología Blockchain produced with Universidad Javeriana and edX, which has over 20,000 registered students.

Since 2017, I have worked with several organizations in the industry, such as the Government Blockchain Association, Swissborg AG, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, and Bit2me.

I am currently directing the documentary Revolución Bitcoin, offering education and consultancy services through Alfa Bitcoin, and bringing Bitcoin to millions of people with Wallib ⚡.

Next Steps...

If you want to know more and start learning about Bitcoin, Blockchain, DeFi and cryptocurrencies, contact me here.